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Road 铺路 is heating up - long weekend construction blog

Heading into the long-weekend, 铺路 is 整个城市升温。
“Paving is essential for maintaining our roadways. It helps restore a smooth surface 和 keeps the base layers intact to prevent costly 和 large impact roadwork from happening down the line,” says Chris McGeachy, Communication Advisor, 道路.
The long weekend is always an excellent opportunity for crews to get work done without the large volume of 9-5 traffic during the week. Here are some areas where motorists can expect delays this weekend:

  • 埃德蒙顿步道 铺好 from 16 大街 N.E. to 42 大街 N.E. 上 Saturday, July 30 和 Sunday, July 31 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Motorists can expect a single lane of traffic in each direction during the work.

  • 克劳尔德 Trail N.W. will have lane reductions in both directions at the University LRT Station beginning at 12:01 a.m. 上 Saturday, July 30. Motorists can expect reduced speeds 和 delays in the area. This closure remains in place until 4 a.m. 上 Monday, August 1.
  • Banff Trail N.W. will be closed to all northbound traffic at 16 大街 N.W. beginning at 11:30 p.m. 上 Friday, July 29. This closure continues through 4 a.m. 上 Tuesday, August 2 和 accommodates work 上 the Banff Trail C-Train station.
  • The exit ramp from northbound 克劳尔德 Trail N.W. to Northland Drive N.W. is closed beginning at 8 p.m. 上 Friday, July 28. This closure continues until 10 p.m. 上 Monday, August 1 和 accommodates 铺路.
  • Centre Street N will be reduced to a single lane in each direction at 31 和 32 大街 N.W. beginning 上 Saturday, July 30 at 6 a.m. This closure continues until Sunday, July 31 at 8 p.m. 和 accommodates utility work.

  • Centre Street S is closed between 6 大街 和 8 大街 S.E. beginning at 7 p.m. 上 Friday, July 29. This closure continues until 5 a.m. 上 Tuesday, August 2 和 accommodates construction.

  • 安达臣道西南将会 铺好 between 14 Street S.W. 和 Macleod Trail. There will be various lane closures along this stretch daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. beginning 上 Saturday, July 30. These closures also occur daily during these hours 上 Sunday, July 31 和 Monday, August 1. Motorists should expect delays in the area 和 use alternate routes when possible.
  • 17 大街 S.W. between 8 Street 和 9 Street S.W. will be closed beginning at 7 p.m. 上 Friday, July 29. This closure continues until 5 a.m. 上 Tuesday, August 2 和 accommodates deep utility installation. Eastbound traffic will be detoured to north 和 southbound 9 Street S.W. to 14 大街 S.W. Westbound traffic will be detoured north of 8 Street to 14 大街 S.W. 和 south 上 9 Street to 17 大街 S.W.
路口 Approach 铺路
From 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. 上 Saturday, July 30 there will be a various lane closures in certain 路口s as part of the 路口 进场摊铺程序. Motorists should expect delays in the area.
  • 新墨西哥州6街16号大街
  • Deerfoot Trail大道16号
  • Memorial Drive at Deerfoot Trail
For more information 上 all these projects 和 more, visit 卡尔加里/铺路.



So you’ve decided to catch 'em all 和 are walking around the city, getting your daily exercise, 和 fulfilling your gaming goals, but do you know where to go? 

We’ve made a list of the top five places where you’ll find more than just Pokémon!

1. 王子’s Island Park

There’s no doubt that this 1950s park is the spot for finding rare Pokémon 和 is filled with PokéStops 和 a few gyms. If you need to beat the heat after strolling through the park, drop by the nearby Eau Claire 浅水池. The park also features picnic areas, canoe access to the river, flower gardens 和 several water fountains.  We have also heard top secret news that there is a Hitmonlee Nest along the 弓河 Pathway.

Reminder: Take 上ly Pokémon, leave 上ly footprints. Please make sure your trash ends up in a garbage 要么 recycling bin.


This 1988 plaza 要么iginally built for the Olympic Winter Games features The Famous Five sculpture as a PokéStop. The statue signifies the petitioners in the groundbreaking 人案. Not 上ly will you find numerous Pokémon along the Plaza, you can also learn about important history. If you’re planning 上 hitting up the Plaza this 夏季, be sure to catch some free concerts 上 Wednesdays 从中午到下午1点 

Reminder: Be aware of your surroundings; watch out for uneven surfaces 和 other visitors to this busy park.

3.斯蒂芬 Avenue

If you’re out 上 Stephen 大街, you’ll have no trouble finding PokéStops 要么 Pokémon, but you’ll also find various busker stops 和 art pieces. Discover our city’s arts 和 culture through a stroll 上 the 大街. Several manhole cover designs across the 大街 are PokéStops. The Chinook manhole covers were a joint project between Infrastructure 和 公共艺术, blending the utilitarian with the artistic. You’ll also find 上e of Calgary’s most familiar art pieces titled The Conversation, recognizing our city’s ever-present entrepreneurial spirit.

Reminder: Don’t jaywalk 和 when legally crossing the street, be vigilant of traffic 和 other pedestrians.


Featuring three different PokéStops, 和 several others close by, 市 Hall often has lures. While you’re luring Pokémon, be sure to take a minute 和 admire the king of the jungle. Originally constructed in 1917, the concrete lion was restored 和 perched at the entrance of the Municipal Building in 2003. Over the course of the lion’s reign he has become a well-known symbol of Calgary’s strength, integrity 和 independent character.

Reminder: While moving around the city, be cautious about accepting private Pokémon transportation offers from strangers 和 understand the risks involved.


Lastly, while you’re out battling your Pokémon at the 乡村广场休闲中心 gym, why not drop by a real gym yourself? The Leisure Centre also features a safari-themed water park with a wave pool, slides, 和 splash zone. 青年 can also get a
青年夏季护照 for unlimited recreation access to any 市 facility for just $50, 要么 $25 with a valid youth bus pass in July 和 August. Be sure to get full advantage while playing to get moving. For ideas 上 how to get moving, check our 50 bucket list adventures to challenge you this 夏季!

Reminder: (Parents) Be sure to talk to your children about their personal safety, to use common sense 和 be aware of their surroundings in the real world.

    Here are some tips while you“poke”around 和 explore your Calgary
    • 在卡尔加里公园设置诱饵
      Calgary parks are littered with PokéStops which mean they’re also great places to use lures. You get to enjoy the wonderful scenery, meet new people 和 stay safe while catching the elusive Dragonite.
    • Incubate your eggs 上 Calgary’s multi-use pathways
      Did you know Calgary has nearly 800 kms of pathways? What better place to incubate your eggs? Bonus: the probability of walking into something while 上 the pathways is much less, just make sure you leave room for others who also use the pathways.
    • 探索时保持安全
      安全提示 from the folks with Calgary Police Service 上 how to ensure your exploration is a safe 和 fun experience.
    For more information 上 having fun 和 being active this 夏季 visit 卡尔加里.ca/getmoving 要么 卡尔加里/夏季.

    Submitted by Iman Bukhari, Customer Service 和 Communications


    New railings, surfaces, 和 glass panels for 市 桥s

    Warm, dry conditions in Calgary over the 夏季 means it’s the best time for 桥 maintenance.

    市 crews 和 engineers maintain 桥s through both routine 和 preventative types of maintenance to keep motorists, cyclists, 和 pedestrians safe. Make sure you know which 桥s are currently undergoing work so you can plan your route.

    There are six broken glass panels 上 the 和平桥 that need to be replaced, 和 the 市 has partnered with a contractor to come up with an innovative solution to replace them. Using a cart that runs along the top of the 桥, panels will be lowered into place with a rope suspension system. This unique strategy will be benefit pedestrians, says Senior Engineer Craig MacFarlane.“Replacing the panels with ropes from the top of the 桥 means there will be no scaffolding in place. The 桥 will remain fully open to pedestrians whenever work isn’t being done.”The 桥 will be closed from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. while the panels are being replaced, but these closures will not occur every night. Work is expected to finish by August 10, 2016.

    王子’s Island Park Bridge
    王子's Island Park 桥 scaffolding
    From July until October 2016, crews are installing a new non-slip walking surface 上 the 桥 that connects 王子’s Island Park to Memorial Drive. This new surface is being installed 上 the 桥 in sections, which means the 桥 will remain open to pedestrians throughout the work. Watch for scaffolding where the work is being done, 和 make sure to dismount from your bike.

    Penbrooke Meadows Pedestrian Bridge
    The pedestrian 桥 that connects Penedo Way S.E. over the railway tracks is closed for repairs until September, but is expected to re-open before the start of the school year. In 要么der to keep kids safely travelling over the railway tracks to get to school, the pedestrian 桥 will undergo:

    • 混凝土维修,
    • installation of new treads 和 grating 上 stairs, 和
    • 栏杆加固。

    Throughout these projects, make sure to watch for crews 和 give them plenty of room to work. These are just three of over 400 桥s managed 和 maintained by The 市. Learn more about the 市’s annual 桥梁维修项目.


    All aboard the 鲍尼斯公园 mini train

    CHUGGA chugga chugga CHUGGA chugga chugga CHOO CHOOOOOOO!

    Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the 鲍尼斯公园 mini train returning to the park .You’re invited down for free train rides 上 Thursday, July 28 to help welcome back this popular attraction.

    In 2013, the most recent Bowness mini train was damaged by the flood. A significant amount of work was required to fix the train 和 we’ve taken the time to make it better than ever. New parts were either sourced 要么 built; a new diesel engine was installed, the body was sandblasted 和 painted. The new paint job is modelled after Canadian Pacific Railway’s luxury transcontinental passenger train, The Canadian, which was introduced in 1955.

    鲍尼斯公园 is 上e of Calgary’s oldest parks, dating back to 1912. The first miniature train came to the park in the early 1950s 和 began offering rides to park visitors. Although the 要么iginal mini train was moved to Vancouver Island in the 60s, other styles of mini trains continued providing train rides in the park. The Bowness mini train has always been a constant 和 highly valued activity of the park. 

    So remember to mark your calendar for Thursday, July 28 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Free train rides will be offered to adults 和 kids alike! Free boat rentals will also being offered that day. Regular fares 和 hours of operations for mini train 和 boat rentals resume July 29. 

    For more information 上 the mini-train visit the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre 和 for more information 上 鲍尼斯公园 和 its redevelopment visit us at 卡尔加里.

    Preview in the Plaza - get a sneak peek at some hot 音乐al acts this August

    Did you know this year is the Year of Music in Calgary? To help keep the party going we have 要么ganized a number of free concerts in Olympic Plaza 从中午到下午1点 So grab your lunch 和 maybe even your dancing shoes 和 come 上 down.


    Wednesday, Aug. 3 come down to hear the acts kicking off this year’s 拉丁美洲博览会. International recording artist Natalie Castro 和 Grammy-nominated Cuban superstar Wil Campa with his 要么chestra will be entertaining anyone who comes to Olympic Plaza. 


    Wednesday, Aug. 10 Plaza goers will get the chance to The Futhers. This Iranian band will be sharing their unique blend of Middle Eastern folk melodies 和 contemporary western 音乐. The band will then be playing at the 禁忌节, happening Aug. 12 和 13 if you find you want to hear more. 

    Take a short break to the Caribbean

    Thursday, Aug. 18 we are previewing the rhythmic reggae of Aktivate. This group is Calgary-based 和 will be performing later that week at 狂欢节,运行时间为8月19日至20日。

    Learn more about the Year of Music at visitcalgary.com/push-play 或查看我们的 活动日历 for more information 上 different festivals 和 events around Calgary, including other free 音乐 events such as our 公园里的音乐


    Bees 和 trees - the dynamic duo

    Bees play a vital role in sustaining our ecosystem; it is estimated bees pollinate 上e third of everything we eat. In 要么der to do that, bees need to have large food sources in 上e location.


    树木 act as a 上e-stop food shop for bees. In fact, trees have huge quantities of nectar close together, making it easier for bees to buildup stores to turn into honey. 树木 和 bees work in harmony: bees need the flowers from the tree for food, while the tree needs the bee to reproduce. Bees also collect resin from coniferous trees 和 help with their nest construction. It’s pretty sweet stuff.


    The easiest way to keep our bees happy is to keep our trees healthy. Healthy trees are essential for nectar 和 pollination. This includes consistent watering, mulching, pruning 和 monitoring trees for pests. For more information 上 healthy tree care, visit 卡尔加里.ca/树.

    Want to plant a tree for the bees? Until Sept. 1, The 市 is partnering with local retailers to help you save 10% off your next tree purchase.

    Calgary trees that bees love (just to name a few):
    • 狼柳 
    • 螃蟹
    • 紫丁香
    • 红长老 
    • 樱桃
    • 白杨

    Added bonus: most of them are fruit-flowering, so (after the bees do their work) you can reap the rewards.

    One more un-bee-lieveable fact: The 市 has set up 梅森蜂屋 at 要么chard sites to increase the colonization of the 要么chards by mason bees.

    由Parks的Erin Smith提交


    Giddy up n' go! Your guide to getting around Calgary this 踩踏

    Put 上 your boots, throw 上 a cowboy hat 和 grab your sheriff badge because it's that time of year again...The Greatest Outdoor Show 上 Earth! The 市 will be there to help you get there, get around 和 stay safe. Yahoo!


    骑自行车& walking
    Cycle your way down to the 踩踏 grounds using the 市中心自行车道网 或沿着卡尔加里的一部分 800公里的通道和自行车道.

    From July 1 - 17 there is a daily cycling restriction 上 Stephen 大街 from 10:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. If you are riding your bike, please dismount 和 walk it during this time.

    从今晚起生效, 全天候CTrain服务打折日票 will be available for 踩踏 week.

    CTrain Schedule during 踩踏:
    • Every 5 - 8 min. - 6:00 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.
    • Every 30 min. - 12:45 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

    会有一些 封路 to accommodate events all over the city during the Calgary 踩踏 (July 8-17).


    Parade day road 和 parkade closures
    Road 和 parking impacts 上 parade day will include several parking lot closures. Spectators travelling to the 踩踏 Parade are encouraged to walk, bike 要么 use transit to get into the downtown core.

    During the parade about 350,000 float-fanatics line the 4.5 km parade route, so many downtown transit routes will be 上 detour. Road closures 和 bus route detours become effective at 7:30 a.m.and end around 12 p.m.

    Find a comprehensive list of bus detours 和 info 上 how to take transit to the parade 上 卡尔加里公交的网站。

    The 市 has reserved 和 will monitor eight accessible 踩踏 Parade viewing zones along the parade route for people with mobility challenges (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters) 和 their friends/families.

    Space is limited, so get there early! Look for barricades 和 signs. If space remains in the viewing areas after 8 a.m., they will be opened up to the public 上 a first-come, first-served basis.


    清道夫小动物 have been a 踩踏 tradition for nearly 15 years, bringing joy to parade goers 和 youth at the Children's Hospital that are unable to travel to the 踩踏 parade -- the most rewarding event of the year, according to street sweeper operators.

    市 staff collaborate across many departments to ensure the event flows smoothly 和 safely:
    • 停车处 和 traffic control will be coordinated by the Calgary 停车处 Authority (CPA), 道路, Calgary Police Service (CPS) 和 Animal&Bylaw Services (ABS).
    • Calgary Emergency Management Agency will open the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) 和 activate the Municipal Emergency Plan during the 踩踏 Parade to monitor 和 assist as required. 
    • CPS have collocated their Tactical Operations Centre in the EOC. This will help to ensure the facilitation of a collaborative, coordinated 和 multi stakeholder response.
    • Fire, ABS 和 CPS officers will be 上site 和 in communication for the duration of the Parade for immediate response.




    It’s officially 夏季time 和 the outdoors is calling. Get the most out of our city’s fantastic offerings by taking a few minutes to check your 夏季 safety IQ.


    You’re packing for a day of rafting 上 the 弓河. You’ve got snacks, lots of bottled water to keep hydrated 和 plenty of sunscreen. What else do you need?
    1. 天气预报。
    2.  A hat.
    3.  Cell phone to call for help if needed.
    4.  A life jacket.
    5.  All of the above.
    Carol Henke, Public Information Officer
    因为卡尔加里(Calgary Fire)阻碍了比赛。
    While items 上e through three are all really good ideas, hands down, the most important thing to bring is 救生衣. Wearing 救生衣 while boating, rafting 要么 using any other kind of watercraft 上 waterways within city limits is required by law. Plus, it’ll save your life if you get into trouble.

    Missing from this list is alcohol. It’s illegal to have alcohol 上 any watercraft 和 it will impair your ability to react if something unexpected happens. For more tips 上 enjoying the water safely 和 responsibly, check out 卡尔加里.ca/watersafety.


    A friend is bringing over a guitar 和 you’ve got all the fixings to make s’mores over a fire in the backyard pit. You’ve checked 卡尔加里.ca/firepits to make sure no fire bans are in effect for Calgary. Your next concerns are your neighbours 和 staying safe. What can you do to stay 上 your neighbour’s good side 和 have a safe, fun time?

    1. Only burn clean, dry wood to keep the smoke down 和 mitigate any environmental issues.
    2. Stay with the fire at all times.
    3. Request a playlist from your neighbour so your guitar friend 上ly plays songs they like.
    4. Keep the noise down after 10 p.m. 和 make sure your fire’s out by 1 a.m.

    You’re super thoughtful if you chose number three, but appealing to your neighbour's 音乐al tastes isn’t necessary. You do, however, want to make sure you’re complying with numbers 1, 2 和 4 which reflect Calgary’s fire pit 和 noise bylaws. There are a couple other requirements you’ll want to be aware of. Please check them out at 卡尔加里.ca/firepits 在您进行那场比赛之前。


    You’re enjoying the view from your friend’s condo balcony 上 the 6th floor. You’re a smoker but your friend’s not so she doesn’t have an ashtray for you. When it’s time to butt out, you:

    1. Put your cigarette out in the closest flower pot
    2. 把它扔到阳台上
    3. Ask for a bit of water to douse your butt before putting it in the garbage

    The two definite no-no’s here are the first 和 the second choices. Flower pots contain flammable material that has caused more than 上e devastating fire in Calgary. It’s also incredibly dangerous to toss your 烟头 over the balcony. You can’t control where they land 要么 who they may land 上.

    有关安全处置的更多信息 烟头,或前往 卡尔加里.ca/homesafety.

    Now that you’re 夏季 safety IQ is in top form, join our Facebook活动 和 tell us what you’re doing to get the most out of your 夏季 safely 和 responsibly.

    Submitted by Donna Bertrand, Customer Service& Communications


    Come meet the 山羊 of 汇流公园

    For the past three weeks, a herd of approximately 100 山羊 have been dining 上 weeds in Confluence (West Nose Creek) Park as a pilot to test grazing as a tool to manage 市 park land.


    插入 见面和打招呼 is planned at the park for Saturday, July 9 between 11 a.m. 和 1 p.m. Everyone is invited. Come pet the animals, see the baby 山羊, 和 ask us questions. Our staff 和 educators will also be 上 site to answer questions about land management, weed control 和 the use of 山羊 in these activities.


    Please dress appropriately for walking 上 uneven ground. We also ask those attending to wear clean clothing 和 shoes, especially if they've been around other livestock, 和 to consider leaving dogs at home. This is to promote the good health of the herd at 汇流公园.

    停车处 is available at the Beddington Trail lot; 上-site staff 和 signage will provide direction to the 山羊.

    It’s go(at) time

    Early indicators are that this pilot has been successful. So far we’ve learned that 山羊 can be used without disrupting our visitors’enjoyment of the park, whether 上 foot, 上 bicycle, 要么 with a leashed dog.

    Preliminary signs also indicate that the 山羊 have done an excellent job targeting a significant volume 和 variety of invasive weeds such as Canada thistle, hound’s tongue, 和 hawkweed.

    We look forward to seeing you at the 见面和打招呼. And if you are interested in learning more before Saturday please visit us 上line at 卡尔加里.ca/山羊。或参加见面会 Facebook活动.

    Submitted by Corinna Baxter, 公园

    LEDs streetlights to brighten downtown core this 夏季

    The 市 has finished converting over 30,000 streetlights across Calgary to energy efficient LED lighting. 99 residential neighbourhoods are now being lit up with LEDs from Current, powered by GE, 和 crews will be replacing streetlights in the downtown core over the 夏季 months. Once the lights have all been installed in central Calgary, the program will be 50% complete. 那 means over 40,000 LED lights will be illuminating the city.

    Calgarians can expect to see lights being replaced in the Beltline, East Village, Chinatown, 和 the commercial core after the sun goes down throughout the 夏季 和 fall. In November, the crews will move back to installing in residential areas.

    Why the switch to LED? There are plenty of benefits to using LED streetlights, including:

    • The whiter colour of the light helps make objects appear more clearly.
    • The amount of spilled light is reduced, ensuring light is focused 上 the roads 和 sidewalks.
    • Short term 和 long term reductions in costs, maintenance work, 和 energy consumption

    道路 Director Troy McLeod encourages Calgarians to look for the new lights in their neighbourhoods.“Our new LED lights have made a significant difference in nighttime visibility, 和 these lights will save Calgarians money in both electricity consumption 和 lifecycle maintenance.”

    In addition to better lighting, the conversion to LEDs will save the 市 of Calgary over $6 million in annual maintenance costs. Once the program is complete, over 80,000 LED lights will be installed, 和 energy consumption will be half when compared to the previous lights. 那’s the equivalent of taking over 5,500 vehicles off the road.

    For more information about LEDs, including details about the warmer light used in residential areas, visit the 项目页面常问问题.